Nitrogen pressure regulator RN -200-V DМ (30 bar)

Nitrogen pressure regulator RN200-V DМ (30 bar)

№ 047.000.20

Single-stage high-pressure nitrogen cylinder pressure regulator BAZO-150 DM No. 047.000.20 is designed to reduce, regulate and automatically maintain a constant nitrogen working pressure.

The pressure regulator can be used for air and other inert gases. The pressure regulator is designed for high capacity – up to 100 m3/h.

Inlet thread -G3/4, outlet threadG1/4.

reliable brass body and cover

– precise pressure maintenance

– wear-resistant pressure reducing valve with a polyurethane insert

– comfortable knob made of impact-resistant plastic

– for convenience of work the shut-off valve is positioned at the outlet of the regulator, which allows you to stop the gas supply to the equipment without closing the valve on the cylinder

– pressure gauges with rubber protection to prevent damage from light impacts

It is used for tightness testing of closed systems with nitrogen at a pressure of up to 30 bar, pressure testing of air conditioning systems and other climatic systems before charging the system with refrigerant when checking system elements for strength and tightness.

Checking for tightness of the air conditioning circuit is carried out when:

installing the air conditioner;

looking for leaks of the refrigerant (freon);

– depressurizштп the freon line to replace the compressor, filter or troubleshoot;

– in complex multi-zone climate systems with long freon lines, where there are soldered butt joints of copper pipes.

Pressure testing of the climate system circuit allows you to verify the quality of the connections on the shut-off valves, in the places of rolling and soldering, as well as along the entire length of the channels.


Maximum capacity, m3/h 100,0
Maximum inlet pressure, bar 200
Maximum gas working presure, bar 30
Overall dimensions, no more than, mm 205х210х195
Weight, no more than, kg 1,6

Pressure of safety valve actuation

33..34 bar

Inlet thread


Outlet thread




(Features similar to GCE DIN-Control Nitrogen 30bar 0783592 and ProControl NITROGEN 200/30 PC0783592)

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